Other Potential Fees

The following represent additional fees based on events or specific requests for Academic Year 2023-2024.

Fee Description Amount
Application Fee - Graduates 85.00
Application Fee - Undergraduates 75.00
Application Fee - All MBA programs 200.00
Application Fee - Master of Accounting 75.00
Application Fee - JGSB PhD Programs 40.00
Application Fee - Visiting Students 100.00
Application Fee - Visiting Auditors 50.00
Audit Fee: Rice Alumni (per course) 500.00
Audit Fee: Visitors (per course) 1,000.00
College Withdrawal (breach of housing agreement) 1,000.00
Diploma Fee: Facsimile (8x10, mini-diploma) 25.00
Diploma Fee: Parchment (17x23, official diploma) 50.00
Diploma Mailing Fee: Domestic 30.00
Diploma Mailing Fee: International 50.00
Enrollment Verification 10.00
Late Application for Graduation 100.00
Late Course Change Fee (Add/Drop) 100.00
Late Payment Fee (calculated on amount past due) 1.5%
Late Registration Fee 75.00
Late Registration Fee (after the start of the semester) 125.00
Part-time Enrollment Fee (Undergraduates) 175.00
Payment Plan Fee 75.00
Readmission Fee (including after withdrawal for non-payment) 375.00
Reinstatement Fee1 150.00
Replacement Diploma Fee 50.00
Replacement Rice ID 15.00
Returned Payment Fee 30.00
Transcript Express Delivery Fee 30.00
Transcript Fee 10.00

1 Following leave of absence or after exceeding time boundaries to candidacy or defense