Other Potential Fees

The following represent additional fees based on events or specific requests for Academic Year 2020-2021.

Fee Description Amount
Application Fee - Graduates 85.00
Application Fee - Undergraduates 75.00
Application Fee - all MBA programs 200.00
Application Fee - Master of Accounting 40.00
Application Fee - PhD Programs 40.00
Application Fee - Visiting Students 100.00
Application Fee - Visiting Auditors 50.00
Audit Fee: Rice Alumni (per course) 530.00
Audit Fee: Visitors (per course) 1,065.00
College Withdrawal (breach of housing agreement) 1,000.00
Diploma Fee: Facsimile (8x10, mini-diploma) 20.00
Diploma Fee: Parchment (17x23, official diploma) 50.00
Diploma Mailing Fee: Domestic 30.00
Diploma Mailing Fee: International 50.00
Enrollment Verification 10.00
Internship per Semester 325.00
Late Application for Graduation 100.00
Late Course Change Fee (Add/Drop) 75.00
Late Payment Fee (calculated on amount past due) 1.5%
Late Registration Fee (after the start of the semester) 125.00
Late Registration Fee 75.00
Letter of Standing 10.00
Part-time Enrollment Fee 175.00
Payment Plan/Deferred Payment Fee 75.00
Preceptorship per semester 350.00
Readmission fee after withdrawal for nonpayment 375.00
Readmission Fee1 375.00
Recreation Center Membership fees (Annual) 144.00
Recreation Center Membership fees (Summer) 36.00
Reinstatement Fee2 150.00
Replacement Diploma Fee 50.00
Replacement Rice ID 10.00
Returned Payment Fee 30.00
Study Abroad Fee for Summer 228.00
Summer Health and Wellness Support Services Fee (Early Fall Matriculants) 159.00
Transcript Express Delivery Fee 30.00
Transcript Fee 10.00

1 Including after withdrawal for non-payment
2 Following leave of absence or after exceeding time boundaries to candidacy or defense