Departmental Deposits (Cash & Checks)

The Cashier’s Office is the official depository for all University funds. All campus departments collecting funds on behalf of Rice University must deposit cash and checks with the Cashier’s Office. Cash Handling Guidelines must be followed.

Visit Credit Card Deposits for information on departmental credit card processing procedures.

Web Department Deposits

Cash and/or check deposits must be recorded electronically using TouchNet U.Commerce Central. Through TouchNet U.Commerce Central, departmenal users prepare online deposits which allows the user to determine the tender type (cash or check) and to allocate those funds to the appropriate account string.

Individuals must be trained and have the appropriate security access.

User Training

Please contact to schedule user training.

Web Departmental Deposit Templates

Templates can be created by the Cashier's Office for recurring deposits having the same or similar deposit information. To request a new template or to request a modication of an existing, please complete the Web Departmental Deposit Template Form.

Contact Us

Please contact the Cashier's Office at for new web deposit requests, new user access, user training, or for any questions related to departmental deposits.