About Direct Deposit (Electronic Refunds)

Students are encouraged to complete Electronic Refund information to have financial aid or other student account refunds deposited directly into a checking or savings account – any bank, anywhere. This is the same safe, secure process that is used to deposit payroll checks.

Please be sure to keep your bank account information up to date. Failure to have current Electronic Refund information will delay your refund.

Things to remember:

  1. If you change your bank account, you will need to update your account information so that future direct deposits are sent to your correct account.
  2. If you close your bank account, you must remove that account from the Electronic Refund Direct Deposit Bank Account listing. Funds will not post to a closed checking account, and there will be a delay in disbursement while the Cashier’s Office is waiting for the rejected deposit to be returned by the bank.

How to Enroll

  1. Login to Esther using your User ID and PIN.
  2. Select Student Services and Account Information link.
  3. Under Account Summary - Pay My Bill - Bill Payment Suite, select Payment Suite.
  4. Select Electronic Refunds located on the My Profile Setup menu in the upper, right corner of the screen.

Unsure about the components of your check? Below is a diagram to assist:

sample check

Credit Balances

Students can have credit balances for a number of reasons. In fact, they will generally start off with a credit balance, because they usually pay an enrollment deposit months before the first charges are billed. Below are the most common types of credit balance causes and related information.

Financial Aid Credit Balance

Please know that there are certain charges that cannot be paid with federal loans and federal grants such as printing, library fines, citations, and medical insurance. It is important to understand that when a refund is issued, it does not necessarily mean that the student account is paid in full.

Non-Financial Aid Refunds

Students having credit balances for reasons other than financial aid, refunds will not be generated until after the first two weeks of classes for the semester. This includes overpayments where personal payments exceed the balance due, credit balances due to University withdrawals, and other overpayments. Refunds related to personal payments will not be refunded until ten (10) business days after posting to the student account.

Important Notes

  • Financial Aid refunds are issued the Wednesday prior to class starting each semester.
  • The Cashier's Office strongly recommends that all students sign up for Electronic Refund [direct deposit of refunds]. Students may sign up online via Esther.
  • Electronic Refunds are issued daily. Check-issued refunds are issued weekly and are mailed to the Billing Address listed on record.
  • All refund checks are made payable to the student. Electronic Refunds may go to any domestic bank account designated by the student.

Request a Refund

Student account credits resulting from excess Federal Financial Aid payments, scholarship payments, and loan payments are automatically refunded by the Cashier’s Office, however, there may be certain circumstances where credits on student accounts occur that may not be automatically refunded. Reversed charges, over payments, tuition waivers, and other varying factors may lead to a credit balance on a student account.

If there is a credit on your student account and you would like to be considered for refund, please e-mail with your request.