Undergraduate Tuition, Fees & Expenses

What you should know

Rates provided reflect standard undergraduate tuition and fee rates for Academic Year 2020-2021 and are an estimate of costs, varying based on credits enrolled and other mitigating factors. Amounts listed are per-term rates, unless noted.

Students must adhere to the obligations described in the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. All students are required to acknowledge the terms of this agreement before registering each term.

Tuition, Fees & Expenses

Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Full Regular Tuition $25,155 $25,155
Part-time Approved Tuition1 $2,096 per credit
maximum $25,155
$2,096 per credit
maximum $25,155
Student Activity Fee2 $59 $59
Recreation Center Fee $54 $54
Health & Wellness Support Fee $285.50 $285.50
Room - On Campus $4,950 $4,700
Meals - On Campus Plan $2,300 $2,150
Health Insurance3
Assessed to Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students
Orientation Week Activity Fee $325 -
Room & Board - Students $350 -
Room & Board - Coordinators $200 -
Undergraduate International Orientation Fee
Incoming International Students
$150 $150

1 Students seeking part-time enrollment must obtain approval from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates and adjust their schedule accordingly within the first two weeks of the semester enrolled. Tuition is calculated on credits enrolled plus an additional $175 part-time enrollment fee. Students not approved for part-time enrollment or students with approval who fail to adjust their schedule before the end of the second week of classes will be assessed the full-time enrollment tuition charge.

2 Fifth-year students in professional degree programs and students working toward a second bachelor’s degree pay a reduced student activities fee of $6.85 per semester, which covers the Student Association, Student Organizations Activity, University Court, and Honor Council portions of the activity fee.

3 Visit Student Health Insurance for rates and waiver requirements.

Tuition, Fees & Expenses

Summer Sessions 2021
Tuition $300 per credit
Research Tuition1 $300 per credit, no charge first 3 credits
Domestic Internship Tuition1 $300 per credit, no charge first 3 credits
Audited Courses $500 per course
Health & Wellness Support Fee
Applies to early Fall matriculates
Health Insurance2

1 Eligibility requirements can be found under the Rice Undergraduate Summer Research or Internship Experience section of the Office of the Registrar's Summer Sessions page.

2Visit Student Health Insurance for rates and waiver requirements.

Course Fees

Courses having additional charges are provided on the Course Schedule. In some cases, the associated charges may be in lieu of Rice tuition and/or required fees.

Other Potential Fees

Other potential fees may apply, based on events or specific requests.

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