Cashier Office Form


Cash Count Form

To record daily cash received.

Deposit Slip

Used to deposit funds.

Detail Code Request

To create new detail code or to change an existing detail code.

External Upload File Template

Used for submitting Charge/Credit charges from external sources to be uploaded by the Cashiers Office.

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Used for submitting reimbursements to the Cashiers Office with missing receipts.

Petty Cash Fund Reconciliation

Used to reconcile and certify funds annually or to be used when a new Petty Cash Fund Custodian is appointed.

Petty Cash Fund Request

Used when requesting a new Petty Cash Fund, to increase an existing Petty Cash Fund and Annual Petty Cash Fund certifications.

Petty Cash Voucher

Used for Petty Cash reimbursement requests.

Prepaid Card Disbursement Log

Used to document disbursement of prepaid cards

Prepaid Card Request Form

Used to request prepaid gift cards from the Cashiers Office

Rate and Residency Code Upload File Template

Used for submitting Rate and Residency Code changes for upload to the Cashiers Office.

Separation of Duties

To be used for sales and service collections, cashiering, and general cash receipting activities.

TouchNet MarketPlace Refund Template

Used for bulk refund batches. Minumum of 15 refunds required.