Wires/ACH Claim Form

Procedures for Payments to Rice via Wire Transfer or Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)

The following procedure should be followed to ensure payments to Rice University are promptly credited to the proper fund, organization and account codes.

  • If the Cashier’s Office will process your expected Wire or ACH payment once it is received, please complete the Incoming Wire/ACH Claim Form.
  • When a department other than the Cashier’s Office will process your Wire or ACH payment once it has been requested, scheduled or made, please notify wires_ach@rice.edu that the payment is expected. This notification should include a copy of supporting documents (such as the invoice) and the FOAPAL code where the payment should be credited.

Please not that these procedures do not apply to students making payments on their Rice student accounts. For information related to the student process, please visit the Cashier’s Office International Payments page.

Differences between Wire Transfers and ACH Payments

Wire Transfers and ACH Payments are two different methods of making electronic payments. Wire Transfers are typically initiated when a payor contacts his or her bank, provides Rice University’s wire transfer instructions and agrees to pay the required fees. ACH Payments may require Rice to agree to accept the transaction by signing an authorization form provided by the payor. Bank instructions for each are similar but not identical. It is important to reach as specific an agreement as possible with the payor concerning the method of payment, the bank instructions to be used and the information to include with each transaction.

Rice only accepts ACH Payments made from US banks in US Dollars. Wire Transfers may be made from banks all over the world. Non-US banks will require the Swift Code shown on the Invoice and Payment Instructions templates or available from the Treasurer’s Office. Payments should be requested in US Dollars whenever possible. Payments made in a foreign currency may incur exchange fees that reduce the total amount collected.

IMPORTANT: Please check each time with the Treasurer's Office to ensure current banking information is used.

For questions about the status of expected payments to Rice, please contact the department that will process your payment once it is received.