Tuition, Fees, and Expenses - Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

Specific pricing may apply based on the following:

Part-time Enrollment1 refers to enrollment of less than 12 credit hours during a semester. Students seeking part-time enrollment must obtain approval from the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates and adjust their schedule accordingly within the first two weeks of the semester enrollment

Part-time enrollment tuition is calculated on the per-credit rate. Students are also assessed a one-time per semester part-time enrollment fee. Students not approved for part-time enrollment or students with approval who fail to adjust their schedule before the end of the second week of classes will be assessed the full-time enrollment tuition charge.

Rice University Undergraduate Programs

Tuition, Fees & Expenses
Undergraduate Programs
Tuition Credit1 Semester Annual
Undergraduate Programs $1,942 $23,300 $46,600
Required Fees Semester Annual
Student Activity Fee $59.00 $118.00
Student Recreation Center Fee $51.50 $103.00
Health & Wellness Support Fee $264.50 $529.00
Undergraduate Professionals
Tuition Credit1 Semester Annual
Undergraduate Professionals $1,942 $23,300 $46,600
Required Fees Semester Annual
Student Activity Fee $6.85 $13.70
Student Recreation Center Fee $51.50 $103.00
Health & Wellness Support Fee $264.50 $529.00
Visiting Undergraduate Students
Tuition Credit1 Semester Annual
Visiting Undergraduates $1,942 $23,300 $46,600
Required Fees Semester Annual
Student Activity Fee $59.00 $118.00
Student Recreation Center Fee $51.50 $103.00
Health & Wellness Support Fee $264.50 $529.00

Students Studying Abroad

Tuition, Fees & Expenses
Sponsoring Institution Agreement - Tuition Paid at Rice
Tuition Semester
Rice University Tuition $23,300
Required Fees Semester
Student Activity Fee $59.00
Sponsoring Institution Agreement - Tuition Paid at Sponsoring Institution
Tuition Semester
Rice University Tuition N/A
Required Fees Semester
Enrollment Continuance Fee $440.00
Student Activity Fee $59.00

Orientation Week Fees

Fee Type Fee
O-Week Activity Fee - freshmen/transfers $320.00
O-Week Room & Board - freshmen/transfers $350.00
O-Week Room & Board - coordinators $200.00
iPrep Program Fee (incoming international and exchange) $195.00

Course Fees

Courses having additional charges are provided on the Course Schedule. In some cases the associated charges may be in lieu of Rice tuition and/or required fees.

Additional Fees

The following charges are separate from the regular fees. Charges due to late registration or course changes made after the deadline are described in the Registration section.

Fee Type Fee
Application Fee $75.00
Diploma Fee Facsimile $20.00
Diploma Fee Parchment $50.00
Diploma Mailing Fee - Domestic $30.00
Diploma Mailing Fee - International $50.00
Enrollment Verification $10.00
Late Application for Graduation $100.00
Late Course Change Fee (add/drop) $75.00
Late Payment Fee (calculated on amount past due) 1.50%
Late Registration Fee (Week 1 - 3) $75.00
Late Registration Fee (After Week 3) $125.00
Part-Time Enrollment Fee
Assessed when enrolled in less than 12 credits
Payment Plan Fee $75.00
Replacement Diploma Fee $50.00
Replacement Rice ID $10.00
Returned Payment Fee $30.00
Transcript Fee $10.00
Transcript Express Delivery Fee $30.00

Living Expenses

Residence fees cover dining hall costs and residence maintenance. They are established each year as needs dictate. For 2018–19, the annual room and board charge for residence in a residential college is $14,000.00. This charge includes the room and meals for the year.
Room and Board Semester Annual
Room $4,800 $9,600
On-Campus Board Option A $2,200 $4,400
On-Campus Board Option B $750 $1,500
On-Campus Board Option C $1,350 $2,700
On-Campus Board Option D $700 $1,400
On-Campus Board Option E $425 $850


An electronic housing agreement must be signed in Esther no later than April 30 for students to receive residential room assignments.

New students are required to submit a $100, non-refundable housing deposit no later than April 30, which will be applied to that semester’s room and board charges.

For more information about housing, see Undergraduate Student Life.

Meal Plans

The College Food Service provides all-you-care-to-eat meals with the purchase of the meal plan. All students living on campus must purchase a meal plan. It is recommended that students living off campus also purchase a meal plan. More information is available on the Undergraduate Student Life page.

Refunds for Housing and Meal Plans

Students who move out of their college may receive a prorated credit to their student account, equal to the difference between the payments received and the reduced room and board charges. A termination fee will be applied. Exceptions for academic suspension, Rice-sponsored study abroad, family emergencies, and other isolated incidents will be considered on a case-by-case basis.