March 24 - Credits and Refunds

Credits for Room & Board, Off-campus Meal Plans, Rec Center, and Parking have been applied to student accounts. Accounts having credit balances resulting from the credits posted will be refunded by March 31.

March 16 - Credits and Refunds

The university will be providing certain refunds and payments to undergraduates. All payments will be made by check for those not on direct deposit and the amount paid will be net of any outstanding amounts owed on the student’s account.

Room and Board. Students who are moving out of their residential college, will receive a credit on their student accounts for the prorated amount of their families’ contribution to the fee for room and board charges for the 45 days remaining in the spring term as of March 23. A payment will be made to the student of the credit amount net of any unpaid student bills. Students who had room and board fully paid by need-based financial aid or athletic scholarship will not see a credit for room charges but will see a credit for board. Credits will appear on student bills as soon as possible but no later than by March 31. Depending on the amount a family has contributed to the fee for both room and board, the credit will be up to $2,722. For those receiving only a credit for board, the credit amount will be $855.

Off-Campus Meal Plans. The off-campus meal plan refunds will vary by plan. The refund will be based on the balance of meals remaining as of March 26.

Parking. Undergraduate students with on campus parking decals who are moving out of residential colleges and off-campus undergraduate students with Rice parking decals will receive a credit of 38.5% of the spring contract amount, including the semester surcharge. The amount will vary by lot and will appear as a credit on student accounts no later than March 31.

Rec Center. All undergraduate students will receive a credit of $20.00, which is 38.5% of the spring semester amount. The amount will appear as a credit on student accounts no later than March 31.

Student Hourly Jobs at Rice including Work Study

Off-campus students remaining in Houston, and those approved to remain on campus, may carry out their on-campus job consistent with social distancing protocol and will be paid under normal procedures.

For students with current work study jobs who are leaving campus, Rice will pay a lump sum amount, anticipated to be in the April 3 payroll, based on an estimate of what the student would have earned through the rest of the semester up to the maximum stated in the financial aid package.

  • The estimate is based on the average hours worked and hourly rate for each job for the period January 13 (first day of classes) through the pay period ending March 14.

For all other students who are leaving campus and who have Rice jobs that are not work study, supervisors are encouraged to assign remote work where possible, but in general these students will be paid only for work done based on documented hours of work and signed remote employment agreements. If as a result of losing paid work at Rice, students are facing particular financial hardship for the semester, they can submit a request through the Dean of Undergraduates portal.

March 12 - We understand there are many questions surrounding the University decision for classes to shift to a remote learning format. Rest assured that we are actively working with administration to finalize our formulas for determining refunds of charges to our students due to the impacts.

To avoid late payment penalties, students should pay any amounts currently due on their student account. Once charge reversals are applied to the account, any over-payment credits will be issued back to the student.

We anticipate a decision on refunds shortly and appreciate your patience through this process. Feel free to contact the Cashier’s Office at should you have any questions.

Rice alerts: stay up to date. Rice will continue to send updates as needed via the Rice Alerts system. A history of the alerts is also available. Other Frequently Asked Questions are available through the emergency.rice.eduwebsite here: