Credit Card Deposit Voucher Instructions

The Credit Card Deposit Voucher (CCDV) is used to post credit card revenue to the appropriate revenue account in Banner.

This form is completed online. It is listed under the Web Entry section of the Finance tab in Web Apps.

Clicking the Credit Card Deposit Voucher link will bring up a list of existing CCDVs. A new CCDV may be created at the top. NOTE: before you create a CCDV, be sure that you have completed the settlement process and that the amount settled is equal to the amount of activity to be recorded.

The settlement process entails printing reports that show the amounts settled by card type and the date of the settlements.

Swipe Machine Transactions - If you use a swipe machine you will print your reports from the swipe machine. The reports should consist of:

  • Detailed Report which shows individual transactions
  • Totals Report which shows totals by card type
  • Settlement Report which shows the settled amount and date

Online Transactions – if you do not use a swipe machine and all of your transactions are online you will need to print the Batch Summary or Settlement report from the Paymentech website and American Express website.

Paymentech login website: Click Here

American Express login website: Click Here

NOTE: if you do not have access to log into Paymentech or American Express, please contact the Treasury and Ops Manager in the Rice VP for Investments/Treasurer office.

To create a new CCDV, input a Description and a Settlement Total (you can change either of these on the next screen, if needed). Then click the “New CCDV” button. NOTE: if refunds are greater than sales, the total settlement will be a negative amount. Enter the amount with a negative (-) sign in the Settlement Total section.

On the CCDV entry screen, you can change the Description or the Total by clicking the Change button, making changes and clicking “Save”. The Settlement Total must be equal to the total of the Distribution listed on the CCDV. NOTE: complete a new CCDV for each settlement. There can be only one settlement per CCDV.

Dept Name: Enter the department name

Settlement Date: Enter the date of the settlement in mm/dd/yyyy format. Be sure it is the actual date of the settlement. The actual date should be listed on the settlement tape or report provided by your credit card software.

Card Type: There are two options under card type. This entry must agree with the way the processor transmits transactions to the bank. Currently, all Visa, MasterCard and Discover (V/MC/D) transactions are transmitted as one entry per settlement. American Express (AMEX) is a separate entry. If there are both American Express and one or more of the others, there must be two lines in this section. One line will contain the total for all V/MC/D. The other line will contain the total for AMEX.

New Sales Amount/Net Refund Amount: Enter the Net Sales Amount. The Net Sales Amount should include any refunds made. If refunds are greater than sales, enter the total under the Net Refund Amount. You cannot enter these separately in this section.

Click the Add button once a line is completed. NOTE: It is possible to Change/Delete a line after it is entered but before it is Submitted.

Distribution: Revenue can be distributed to as many funds, orgs or accounts as necessary. The total distribution(s) must match the total of the settlement. If any revenue is for Development, please enter it on the pre-populated line (Z00001 10530 -- to Development). As each line is completed, click the Add button. As before, it is possible to Change/Delete a line after it is completed, if needed. In this section, you may enter Refunds and Sales separately or added together as you prefer.

Enter additional information in the text section, if desired. This entry is strictly optional.

When the total of each section (Settlement Total, Totals by Card Type, and Distribution) are equal, then the Submit to Cashier button will display at the bottom. If this button is not visible, the totals in each section are not equal to each other.

Once the entire CCDV is complete, and it has been reviewed and is accurate, click the Submit to Cashier button.

An email is sent stating that the CCDV has been transmitted to the Cashier’s Office for processing. However, it cannot be completed without a copy of the CCDV and the settlement information including the date, card type, and amounts.

Click Back to CCDV Entry Button. The new CCDV will be listed.

Click the View/Print Document button to display the document.

Click the Printable Version button to print copies of the document.

Attach the settlement information to a copy of the CCDV and send or deliver to the Cashier’s Office. The Cashier’s Office cannot process the entry without a copy of the CCDV and the settlement tape or report including the date, card type, and amounts.

NOTE: If a CCDV must be cancelled, send an email to or call the Cashier’s Office (x4946) for assistance.

Training to Departments for Credit Card Deposit Vouchers

Credit Card Deposits are processed over the Web! The user must have access to Banner Web Apps through Administrative Systems .

Anyone using the online Credit Card Deposit form must complete training through the Controller's Office General Accounting. Please contact Crystal Davis in General Accounting at or extension 2478 for more information.